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Mohave Mist & Spa is the #1 source for outdoor entertaining and spa needs. We have a huge selection of hot tubs, swim spas, barbecues, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, pool tables, and more.

Our team of experienced installers can create a beautiful oasis atmosphere in your backyard with our industrial strength, state of the art misting and fog systems. Keep cool all summer and warm all winter! We are the most trusted misting and fog system provider in Mohave County and all surrounding areas.

You can shop online, or stop by our showrooms to see many of our products. We can help design and install the patio of your dreams!

High Pressure Misting Systems

See What Our Customers Think

My family and I went through them to get a misting system on our house. Sam and Taylor are very knowledgeable and keep it professional. I haven't had any problems and I love that they do a yearly service. My back patio feels and looks great during the summer thanks to these guys! When we decide to expand our back yard and add a hot tub and a barbecue island, we will definitely take our business back to these guys.

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Whitney K

Excellent experience! I called Mohave Mist for a quote. They we friendly and professional. Taylor arrived on time (actually a few minutes early). He did a great job explaining how the system worked and he took the time to provide several different options. They installed the system within a week. They showed up on time and had everything they needed for the job. The guys had everything installed within a few hours. They were super professional, worked fast and cleaned up when they were done. The misting system is awesome!!! We had a chance to use it last week. It's perfect. Really cools the area. I'm thrilled with my misting system. Mohave Mist exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend Taylor and his team. Thank you! Shelly

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Shelly M

I want to give Kelly a great big huge THANK YOU. She went above and beyond to help us out today. She is absolutely amazing ? Also want to give a big Thank You to Mike for the help and delivering our hot tub today. Mohvae Mist & Spa is the place to go, they are very pleasant and helpful. If i could i would give you 10 stars ? Kelly thank you so very much.

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Jennifer Bush

First I have give props we’re they due Taylor He got me started on buying the spa and he assured me that he would take care of things even if he is not available Well, his word goes a long way. I call for service or just questions and he handled it. If he does not know the answer he will find someone that does and on a timely matter Great service Next is Rob Since Taylor was unavailable Rob step in and sold me the unit along with answering all my questions plus he is the technician as well again true to his word. Which goes a long way in my opinion Then comes Brandon Just as smart as Rob and Taylor but he is exceptional he took over the tasks when Rob left the company (Rob is back now) with excellent knowledge of the products and how to fix them I have to say that these three work as teammates but all as one It’s amazing. I can call anyone of them and I am serviced same day or the next That is way I love these guys They take care of the customer no matter what is on there plate Thank you guys you have given me exceptional service since day one I am grateful

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Otto Merlando

We went in to get some more information on a hot tub that we plan on buying from here. Very helpful employees there. Sorry that we missed you but great to finally meet you at the boat show. This review is from Mr 715. Thanks Sam.

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Al Vucicevic

We researched & looked at several hot tubs before deciding to buy our first “brand new one” from MM&S. We wanted a small tub for a small patio and they had the ideal one for us. The tub did have a couple issues, from the factory, but those were resolved with the help of the warranty manager at Mohave Mist & Spa. Happy with our purchase and the service we’ve received from MM&S, we're enjoying the therapeutic relaxation we were looking for.

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Ca Busby

Our Featured Brands


For centuries, the Finnish people have known sauna improved their health. Now, numerous medical studies prove the health & wellness benefits of sauna: from cardiovascular and brain health to faster recovery after workouts.

Finnleo indoor sauna rooms enhance any space. Master bathrooms become European spas, and home gyms come full-circle with pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout recovery.

Custom-Cut saunas are designed to fit the space you have designated for a sauna. Whether the space is under a stairwell, an existing walk-in closet, or a wide-open basement, the Finnleo design team will design a beautiful and outstanding sauna experience.

KoKoMo Grills

Craft your perfect outdoor kitchen with the unparalleled range of cooking appliances offered by KoKoMo Grills. Immerse yourself in the meticulous craftsmanship that sets us apart from the competition. Our extensive experience spanning 25 years has been devoted to embracing every concept, no matter how intricate, and consistently enhancing our offerings. If your goal is to invest in a durable product adorned with genuinely exceptional attributes, KoKoMo Grills is the brand that aligns with your aspirations.

Artesian Spas

Our Mission

To inspire Wellness for Every Body. We strive to expand our business with the same honesty, integrity, and passion as we use to craft our products.

Our Vision

Create high-quality hot tubs that every family in the world can benefit from.

Our Products

Versatility. We provide models for different shapes and sizes to make sure no body is left behind in our quest for Wellness for Every Body.

Our Dealer Network

All Artesian Spas are manufactured in Las Vegas, NV. From this single location, our products are delivered to over 60 countries, 300 dealers, and 500+ hot tub stores around the world.

Our Service

Every single department in Artesian Spas is filled with committed and caring team members. From the inside out, our company strives to prioritize others.

Our History

We are an American-made spa manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA with 30 years of industry experience. We specialize in producing high-quality, innovative spas with intimate designs. Each model meets the highest standards of safety and comfort for our consumers. We take great pride in the quality of our products, and our commitment to customer service is second to none.

Each spa line is created with the utmost precision and technological advances, without skimping on attractive features. Our consumers can choose from five Artesian lines: Artesian Elite, Island Spas, South Seas Spas, Garden Spas, or TidalFit.

Our hot tubs are designed to provide a luxurious and relaxing experience for our customers. We use only the highest quality materials, and our spas are designed with the most advanced technological features to provide maximum hydrotherapy and high-quality water features. Our Artesian Spas are also designed to have the greatest energy efficiency, so you can enjoy the benefits of a luxury spa without worrying about your energy bill.

We offer a wide range of innovative products, including traditional hot tubs and swim spas. Our hot tubs are designed to provide a soothing and relaxing experience, and our swim spas are perfect for those who want the convenience of a pool without the hassle of maintaining one. We also have a variety of accessories, including covers, filters, and chemicals, that make it easy to maintain your spa and keep it in perfect condition.

At Artesian Spas, we believe that our spas should be affordable, without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal. We offer competitive prices on all of our spas, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service. We understand that purchasing a spa is an investment and we want to ensure that our spas are of the highest quality, so you can enjoy years of use and relaxation.

Indulge in the Artesian Lifestyle

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience, and we strive to ensure that our Artesian Spas are always safe, comfortable, and reliable. We take great pride in our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible service and value.

Whether you are looking for a traditional hot tub or a modern swim spa, we have the perfect Artesian Spa for you. Locate an authorized dealer near you today!

Platinum Spas


The brand of Platinum Spas was created in 2016 although Superior Wellness (then Superior Spas) had actually been selling the product range since 2013.

Platinum Spas offers the widest choice of award-winning hot tubs and swim spas in the Superior Wellness portfolio and is Europe’s leading innovative hot tub and swim spa brand.

Taking pride in the quality of our hot tubs and swim spas using the latest technology on the build and design work, to create cutting edge products that are built to last with high-quality components.


We put our customers and partners at the heart of everything we do, always innovating to bring you high quality premium products.

We focus on improving wellness and offer a global range of award-winning hot tubs and swim spas to suit every customer’s needs.


“To be the world’s leading innovative hot tub and swim spa brand creating world class premium quality products focused on improving your health and wellbeing”



We focus on improving wellness and offer a wide range of award-winning hot tubs and swim spas to suit every customer’s needs.


We put our customers, partners and team members at the heart of everything we do.


World class design and features with innovation at the forefront with two decades of experience


Every hot tub and swim spa we produce is of the highest quality.

Nordic Hot Tubs


Here’s Why Nordic Is One Of The Best Brands In The Industry Today!



When you use your hot tub, you want to de-stress and uncomplicate your life, right?  So, why make something that should be relaxing, more stressful and complex.

At Nordic, we have a simple vision for our hot tub designs. We don’t add unnecessary gadgets and gizmos so our hot tub operation remains user friendly.

Everything about a Nordic Hot Tub is straight-forward. From air controls to top side controls to jet operation, we keep it simple and easy to use.

With a Nordic Hot Tub, you may need to use directions for the first time but, after that, you’ll be a pro at working the air controls and understanding jet zones. You’ll be able to operate the pumps or change heat settings with ease. 



At Nordic, Therapy is part of our S.T.A.R. Philosophy. All of our hot tubs are built to give you not only physical benefits, but psychological benefits and general health benefits as well.

Nordic’s DTS™, Dual Therapy Systems, offers a unique combination of high-volume whirlpool water flow and targeted direct pressure jet massage to give you the ultimate hot water therapy. Jet massage coupled with warm, moving water works to alleviate tension from muscles and move your whole body into a state of relaxation. As your body and breathing relax while you sit in your hot tub, the brain is triggered to release hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. These are “feel good” hormones, which help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

As your body relaxes, your mind also unwinds and releases ‘feel good’ hormones.

Hot tubs are also known to help with other ailments such as diabetes, fibromyalgia and high blood pressure, to name a few. Always consult your doctor before using a hot tub on a regular basis.

Hot water therapy isn’t new! It’s been around for a very long time. Ancient cultures had bath houses where patrons went to socialize or relieve rheumatism, arthritis and other maladies. People from miles around traveled to these baths.  However, when you have a Nordic Hot Tub in your backyard, you only have to travel a few feet out your back door to experience the relief of hot water therapy!


Dual Therapy

What is Nordic’s Dual Therapy System (DTS™)?

It’s a combination of Direct Pressure Massage and High Volume Whirlpool Therapy. While other manufacturers have forgotten the benefits of whirlpool therapy, we focus on it!

We use multiple jet sizes with unique configurations in every tub so you receive a unique therapy experience in each seat. Our Nordic Star™ Jets are fully adjustable for customization of your jet therapy.

Medical and sports professionals worldwide use whirlpool therapy for care, recovery and rehabilitation of patients and athletes. They know whirlpool therapy is an effective and efficient healing therapy.

Our Nordic Star™ Whirlpool Jet produces a high volume, circular water flow with gentle, indirect pressure. The powerful Whirlpool Jet swirls water in the entire tub to gently caress your body with waves of warm, soothing water. This type of hydrotherapy helps muscles relax to release lactic acid thus reducing swelling and soreness.Your body begins to heal and repair itself which can help reduce recovery times.

With our DTS™, Nordic leads the industry in maximum therapy hot tubs. Why would you settle for something less?



At Nordic Hot Tubs, we are committed to affordable luxury. These aren’t just words or an ad slogan to us, they are a commitment. A commitment to you and to produce the best hot tub brand in the industry. Why? Because we know how much a hot tub can improve your life. If they aren’t affordable, though, it kind of defeats the purpose of being passionate about sharing their benefits, right?

We don’t compromise when it comes to building quality into Nordic Hot Tubs. And, our quality remains the same whether you purchase a Luxury Series hot tub or an All-In-110v Plug-N-Play! This means you can be assured that ANY Nordic Hot Tub you purchase is built to last.


Superior Quality

Our hot tubs are built with premium components sourced from quality vendors. We look at historical performance and corporate philosophies to carefully choose vendors who are a good fit with our corporate mindset.

Our Production Team Members are experienced – some with over 20 years in the industry. They know how to build hot tubs and work with younger team members to mentor and train them in the Nordic Way of manufacturing.

In fact, our hot tubs are so durable and strong, one recently survived a Category 4 Hurricane!

We believe in our products and we stand behind them with our warranty.



We stand behind all our hot tubs because we know they are built with superior quality, the components are sourced from select vendors, and they are tested multiple times to ensure they remain durable and strong. Our production team members are experienced – some with over 20 years in the industry! They’re passionate, collaborative, and simply know how to build tubs “the Nordic way.” Our Nordic Hot Tub team, vendors, and dealer partners all work seamlessly to maintain high quality standards, while keeping moderate price points to provide you affordable luxury.

If we didn’t build to high standards, we wouldn’t…check that, COULDN’T stand behind our products.

Each tub, from a Luxury Series hot tub to a Plug-N-Play model, is covered by the same warranty. No difference! 

  • Lifetime Shell
  • Ten Year PermaWood™ Cabinet
  • Five Year Heater
  • Three Year Component
  • Three Year No-leak

Again this year, we are one of the few Spa Certified Manufacturers!  This is one of the hot tub industry’s highest awards and is earned through our reputation of quality. We can’t purchase this award, we have to be ranked highly by our dealers and customers.


We Back It Up!

If we didn’t build to high standards, we wouldn’t…check that, COULDN’T stand behind our products.

Each tub, from a Luxury Series hot tub to a Plug-N-Play model, is covered by the same warranty. No difference! No sacrifice in quality!

  • Lifetime Shell
  • Ten Year PermaWood™ Cabinet
  • Five Year Heater
  • Three Year Component
  • Three Year No-leak

Some manufacturers state longer term warranties but they pro-rate them after three years. “Read the fine print” – we don’t do that. Our warranty is what it says it is and we stand behind it.

Again this year, we are one of the few Spa Certified Manufacturers!  This is one of the hot tub industry’s highest awards and is earned through our reputation of quality. We can’t purchase this award, we have to be ranked highly by our dealers and customers.

SpaCertified 2021 – Voted #1 in Overall Warranty Support

For over 25 years, Nordic Hot Tubs has led the industry in providing high quality, therapeutic, and affordable hot tubs. At the heart of our mission is Nordic’s STAR philosophy meaning every hot tub should be Simple, Therapeutic, Affordable, and Reliable. When one purchases a Nordic Hot Tub, they are purchasing Nordic’s passion for true whirlpool therapy, our commitment to the highest quality, as well as our drive to exceed expectations in value and performance.