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Payment will be requested upon order received. To download an order form that can be printed and mailed to us, click here.

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    1. Always measure in inches.
    2. Always measure to the widest part of your spa.
    3. If your old cover fits well measure that.

    Measuring a Radius Corner

    The dash line represents what you need to measure! Place a carpenter's square up against the corner and read the inside measurement where it touches the cover. For corners only ALWAYS ROUND DOWN to the next LOWEST inch! NEVER ROUND UP! Click here to view our easy radius sheet. You can place the easy radius sheet up to your spa and it will tell you the measurement.

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    Agreement Between Dealer & Spa Owner

    Cover specifications above were provided by Spa Owner. Owner assumes all responsibility for cover specifications. All information pertaining to order must be noted on order form. Separate conversations cannot be taken into consideration. Tie down location is not guaranteed but we will provide all new hardware for mounting. Due to foam taper and hinge width covers may appear about an inch larger when measuring from handle to handle, this is normal. Any cancellation or changes must be made within 1 hours or placing order as everything is custom.

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